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Although each project is different and custom, we’ve been able to develop a reliable process and system for remodeling these homes.

Given that there are effective methods to updating MCM homes and a great deal of knowledge to share on the topic, we thought it would make for a good post.

This includes documenting the existing home, gathering the appropriate information, designing the remodel, submitting and obtaining the building permit and all the other necessary details like initial pricing and scheduling.City Research While jurisdictions like the city of Seattle don’t usually have much on file for drawings before the 1980’s, it is worth checking to see what is on file; this could include past permits, property liens, violations and what have you.It’s also a good time to verify any land-use issues like easements, setbacks and unusual conditions.Wherever, wall and ceiling cavities are opened up, it’s highly recommended to install new insulation.We’ve developed a series of strategies for bringing the home up to, or near, current insulation values as well as installing a proper vapor barrier while maintaining the crisp MCM lines.

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In many cases the exterior look is attractive to the point of preserving.

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