California law for minors dating adults rules dating usa

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California law for minors dating adults

Prostitution is illegal in every other US state, aside from a few counties in Nevada.

Numerous civil rights and LGBT advocacy organisations have supported the case, arguing in a court filing that sex between consensual adults should not be illegal.

The case revives a long-running argument in which both sides invoke protecting vulnerable sex workers.

Proponents of decriminalising sex work argue that an ancient, consensual activity should be allowed and that making it illegal hurts marginalised members of society.

“To the extent that this is permitted by law, they enshrine a right to buy human beings”, Ms Thompson argue in an interview, warning of “gender-based sexual exploitation” that would allow men to prey on women who have “acute vulnerabilities”.

California outlawed prostitution in 1872, with a law defining “every common prostitute” as a “vagrant”.

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