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The houseguests are to seek the best match possible — which is to say the most financially and socially advantageous one.

Strict rules for men, women The show is playful (listen for the strains of the “Dating Game” theme song) but not frivolous, said Jody Sheff, executive producer for Thirteen/WNET New York.

The music on this Peter Pan record is a lot like the cover art: bland, homogenous, and bearing only a mild resemblence to the original article.

“There’s one line where someone says to the countess (one of the characters), ‘What’s it like?

One with impeccable manners, of course, and a British accent. “Regency House Party” lacks hot tubs, a glitzy Malibu mansion a la “The Bachelor” or contemporary canoodling.

But it offers an elegant country estate, bare-knuckle boxing and a secret nighttime rendezvous. The series weaves early 1800s science, medicine, politics and class and race relations in with the flirting.

The brief but influential Regency period, 1811-1820, gave root to personal trainers, the tabloid press, fashionistas and celebrity clout, according to the series. 3, is part of PBS’ “Hands-On-History” series that’s included “The 1900 House” and “Frontier House.” The new program gathers 10 single men and women in an English country manor and asks them to squeeze their 21st-century psyches and behavior into an alien society for two months.

With the Prince of Wales (later King George IV) serving as regent for his insane father and setting the tone — he collected mistresses and the equivalent of millions of dollars in tailor debts — it was an age of dissolute indulgence framed by social rigidity. They act as characters of the time, some in roles closer to their real lives than others: A dot-com entrepreneur becomes a naval captain, a hairdresser plays an army officer, a countess is a countess.

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