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This was one of many paintings the artist completed of the Marquise.She was clearly an object of fascination for him beyond his duty as the royal portrait-maker, because none of the other royals were immortalized with the same quantity." The tourists smiled politely but since this was the end of the tour, he knew their minds were on sitting and eating.He could not form the feeling into words other than describe it physically: the cold steel containing his cock and balls.But somehow being contained had made everything else fluid. At his stop, he quickly climbed the stairs and practically sailed down the street to his apartment."Sit up, sweetness." Alex brought himself upright so that he was still on his knees, his face flushed and blissed out. She tugged gently on his testes, letting her fingertips roll the skin around his swollen orbs.His Mistress unhooked the chain from her smooth white neck, and leaned over to take his confined cock in one hand. He fell into his deep breathing, also part of his training to keep control of himself, to last as long as she needed him to.He turned his key in the lock and nudged the door open.The gloaming made the large, simple living room a pearly blue.

A bell tolled in the distance as the light diminished and night seeped in, his Mistress cooing to him, playing with his hair, tugging the back of his head to crush his face against the sweet bloom of her pussy.His Mistress brushed her forehead along the stretch of skin below his navel before she placed a single kiss at the top of his shaft.The first contact of her lips shot arrows of sensation through his groin.He lay her down carefully and she lifted her arms so he could raise her soft dress over her head.She turned away deliberately so that his eyes could find her, the fine lines at her eyes, the mauve of her nipples, the strong cage of her ribs.

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