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The origin of the name is lost to time, but is presumed to relate to the popularity of cycling and the need for a refreshing, less-alcoholic beverage on the journey.

The Bavaria, Goaßmaß (goat stein) is a 50%/50% or 60%/40% mixture of dark Weizenbier and cola, with a shot of Kirsch.

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Regionally the Radler and Alster may refer to shandies made with either citrus lemonade or orange lemonade, with the two terms either contrasting or referring to the same drink.

In Hamburg Alsterwasser may also be made with cola, in humorous reference to the supposed appearance of the actual river.

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Nowadays, Radler is drunk not only in Bavaria, but also in all of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Netherlands, and Romania.

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