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Stores in Tel Aviv may open on Shabbat, an expanded panel of justices ruled on Thursday, based on the legal principle of "live and let live." A majority of five justices to two rejected the motion by a merchants' group against Shabbat business and ratified the Tel Aviv municipal bylaw allowing 164 groceries and kiosks to operate on Shabbat and holiday.Supreme Court President Miriam Naor read out the ruling as part of her retirement ceremony, and with that, put an end to a legal story that lasted a decade.This bill is to be brought for government and Knesset approval in a matter of weeks.In parallel, the Ministerial Committee for Legislation is expected on Sunday to discuss a bill, co-sponsored by lawmakers from Shas, Habayit Hayehudi and United Torah Judaism to retroactively prevent the approval of municipal bylaws, dating back to January 2014, allowing businesses to operate on Shabbat, unless the interior minister approved them.

Gafni is advancing his bill, which includes the retroactive provision, along with lawmakers Israel Eichler (UTJ) and Bezalel Smotrich (Habayit Hayehudi).The job of finding the balance is no trivial thing, Naor wrote, but it is necessary in the case of a variegated society sharing a space.Municipal bylaws enabling businesses to open on Shabbat were designed to reflect the unique balance that suits Tel Aviv, she wrote, factoring in the special status of Shabbat, the composition of the population in each neighborhood, how it lives and the character of the city.It is too early to tell how the ministers will grapple with the flood of bills on the issue.They speak of four scenarios: killing both bills, postponing debate, approving a preliminary reading and conditioning their advancement on establishing a team to formulate a coalition-based agreement regarding them.

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