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I have absolutely no interest in playing simple KDE games on my machine, and so at some point I’m going to need to remove them.I’m not sure how much bloat comes with the other flavours of Sabayon, but at least be aware that with the installation of KDE you will get ALL the standard KDE packages, including likely a bunch of things you will never use.A little slower, but I attribute most of that to KDE to be frank, KDE running on this Hard Disk was probably not my best choice when thinking in terms of optimal speed; perhaps I will switch to MATE down the road; albeit KDE does have some lovely features.So far I’m impressed with Sabayon, and I think it definitely deserves a good shot at becoming my daily driver.DOCUMENTATION: - There is a lot of documentation available both in electronic form on the Internet and in books, both Linux-specific and pertaining to general UNIX questions.I'd recommend looking into the documentation subdirectories on any Linux FTP site for the LDP (Linux Documentation Project) books.For example, Shutter has a built in editor that I use to edit screenshots I take for articles, this editor requires libgoo-canvas or other similarly named packages to be installed in order to use it.Generally with most distributions I have to install shutter and install the needed dependencies for the editor manually; Sabayon installed it automatically for me, which was a very nice change of pace I must say.

In English that means that the developers of Sabayon built a distribution off of Gentoo that no longer has a primary focus of building packages strictly from source, but rather, has it’s own repositories of packages that have been precompiled and are available for download through a new package manager they call Entropy; so even users who are new to GNU/Linux can use Sabayon without the steep learning curve of Gentoo. Google did when they made their Chrome OS for Chromebooks.

I dislike that the KDE flavour was preinstalled with so much bloat, but I can’t speak for the other flavours of the distro yet.

Overall the system seems fairly stable minus the one KDE hiccup, and the Entropy package manager seems powerful and intuitive; a pleasure to use really.

I did notice however that my KDE system locked up once and basically had to reset itself. Sabayon unfortunately (in my opinion) comes with a LOT of bloat.

For example, it comes with the entire KDE games selection when you install the KDE flavour.

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The installation of Sabayon is pretty straightforward.